By living near several Amish communities, we have noted that there are common characteristics found in all of these communities. For example, the use of electricity is rejected, horses and buggies are used for transportation, clothing is handsewn, there is a strong devotion to family, and they possess an unrivaled work ethic. Each individual community lives by a unique set of rules within the framework of those common characteristics. For instance, some communities have "open" buggies while other ones have "closed" ones. The permitted colors of the handsewn dresses and men's shirts vary by community, with some permitting only dark, deep colors while others embrace more vibrant hues. Many use a pulley system for hanging their laundry to dry so it is not unusual to see a line of clothes hanging from the house to the top of the barn. Farm work, done with massive Percherons and Belgians, is fascinating to behold. Our photographs depict a wide variety of these unique characteristics found in the various Amish communities. We hope you will find inspiration in what you see.

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